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How to Recycle Disposable Vapes

TL; DR  Batteries in landfills can cause pollution  Residue liquid can also cause harm to children and wildlife You can recycle disposable vapes  Find out how to recycle your disposable vape Puff bars or disposable vapes are hot on the market right now. They contain around 300-600 puffs per device, then you throw them away. […]

Best Vape For High VG

TL;DR In this guide, we are going to talk about the best vapes for high VG. We’re going to give you a best and a runner up for each category, giving you a few options to choose from.  Bookmark this page. We will update it every quarter so you know where to go for the best […]

Best Disposable Vapes

TL:DR – In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best disposable vapes on the market right now. From flavour, to nic strength and much more besides. Read on to find the top throwaway e-cigs for you. Jump to a section: How we pick the best Best Disposable Top 5 How […]

T18ii won’t work | Endura T18ii Troubleshooting Guide

The Endura T18ii by Innokin is often a popular choice for newbie and experienced vapers. When you are using this particular device you might run into a few issues. Not all of them are down to the manufacturer, in fact, Innokin is known for quality, well made devices. Instead, your issues might fall under user […]

How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System? [Dr’s View]

NB: This article on how long does nicotine stay in your system, was authored by Dr Andres Maldonado MD in line with the V&J Medical Review Policy. TL;DR – We get asked a lot, about what length of time nicotine stays in the system and while we are a retailer of electronic cigarettes, we always […]

Are Terpenes Safe to Vape?

What are terpenes and what do they do in CBD vape? Terpenes exist in the plant word, which includes cannabis. They have their own therapeutic benefits and have been used as ingredients in household items and medications for years.  When you vape CBD which contains terpenes it may have the entourage effect. This means that […]

Mech Mod Battery Safety

Without any built-in safety features, vaping unregulated mods offers great power, but with serious consequences – so you don’t have time to skip safety class. Here are the basics so you can vape safely. Do Vapes Explode? The only time a vape will explode is when a hobbyist has pushed the limits of the kit […]

Type of Vape Mods | Get to know your mods

Vape Mods are usually best for intermediate or advanced vapers. This means those who like higher VG liquids, dense clouds and control over their vape settings. That being said, you can get mods which are targeted towards mouth to lung vapers and high resistance coils for thinner liquids. The type of vape mods on the […]

Where There’s An Airport Smoking Area, There’s A Vaping Area

Smoking in places of work, restaurants, bars, airports and other enclosed spaces is no longer permitted. Smokers must find designated smoking areas to take smoking breaks. What exactly constitutes as a smoking area?  We’ve done a little digging on this and apparently for a smoking area to be legal in the UK it must have […]

How to Vape Properly | The 2 minute guide to Inhale

How to vape properly, is the focus of our advice guide here. We are going to show you how to inhale, exhale and how to use a vape pen for the first time. Hold your breath, because this inhalation how-to doesn’t take long. How to Vape Properly So without further ado, let’s pull up our […]


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