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Innokin Review

Innokin review vapes

Innokin is probably one of the most trusted vape brands. Newbie vapers often start out with an Innokin, maybe they then move on to something more advanced, or maybe they stick with the brand they know.

One thing we have noticed over the years is that Innokin has a relatively low fault rate compared to other brands, we trust them and their quality. 

Here are some of the kits we are going to be chatting about today 

Innokin Mod Kroma R Zlide Best Innokin pen Jem Pen 
Zenith tank best tank from Innokin MVP Ajax Mod best sub ohm from Innokin?


What is Innokin

Innokin is a high street vape brand that was founded in 2011. Their website writes that their goal is to combine innovation, design and high standards of quality. And you know what, they do just that, particularly when it comes to the quality of their starter kits and their MVP Ajax kit which is one hell of an invention. 

This is a brand which creates user friendly vapes and delivers them around the world, all the way from China. 

Are Innokin any good?

The best way to answer are Innokin any good is to tell you a little story. When our founder started Vape and Juice he had a backpack full of stock. In this backpack were Innokin starter kits. Innokin had a fantastic reputation for creating quality starter kits back in 2013, and that is still true to this day. 

Those starter kits were one of the first things on the shelves at Vape and Juice and in 2020, they’re still a great seller. 

What is the best Innokin vape?

Time to look into the best Innokin vape. That’s the best Innokin vape for newly ex-smokers, the best Innokin vape for cloud chasers and everywhere in between. 

We will now take you through kits and tanks, then answer some of your most asked questions about Innokin followed by a head to head with Innokin and Aspire.

Best Innokin tank

When it comes to the best Innokin tank, we want to tell you about the Zenith tank. This is a mouth lung vapers dream! Then a sub ohm tank, the Plex, if you are into VG and cloud. 

The Zenith tank is the perfect starter tank. It uses PG juices or nic salts, so perfect if you are coming off the cigs and craving high nicotine. It has a 1.6ohm coil pre installed which will give you your typical cigarette draw that you have been used to. 

There is an airflow adjustment which allows you to tailor how the draw feels. Not only that but

the drip tip is also thinner than you’d find in your sub ohm tanks, which restricts the airflow further. 

If sub ohm vaping and big clouds is more your bag, then check out the Innokin Plex tank. This tank has a wide drip tip and adjustable airflow for a nice airy vape. It comes with coils rated at 0.13ohms and 0.15ohms, making it perfect for cloud chasers and high powered kits. 

Zenith tank

Best Innokin pen

Innokin has a great rep for decent pens. Pens that last and aren’t such a throwaway bit of tech that you might find with others. Personally, I’ve loved the Jem pen for its value and see it as one of the best Innokin vape pens. 

The Jem pen is a no thrills kit that has helped masses quit smoking. It’s an awesome little mouth lung vape with a 1000mAh battery and fires up to 13 watts. You won’t need to worry about different modes or wattage with this one, which is why newbie vapers love it. You just fill up the tank with your nicotine juice, 5 clicks on, hold to fire and you’re good to go.

Jem Pen

Best Innokin Pod

The Endura M18 is easily finding its way in the our Innokin review. It is another quality kit that is perfectly designed for new and MTL vapers. 

The pod is powered by an internal 700mAh battery which powers up to 14 watts. This should be enough to see you through the day, particularly if you are vaping high strength nic salts.

Unlike some other, more basic pods, the M18 has adjustable airflow and boost mode. This allows you to add an element of customisation to your vape. 

This lightweight pod is refillable, easy to use and puff activated. 

Innokin Endura M18

Best Innokin mod

The best Innokin mod for clouds probably has to be the MVP AJax kit. This is a mod with adjustable power up to 120wattts and has a 5200mAh internal battery. I know, massive right.

That’s because it also doubles up as a power bank and a torch! If you are a vaper who likes the great outdoors or works away from a charger in the day (or night) then this could be a brilliant choice. 

It’s got a nice slide to fill the port at the top to help reduce spillages and mess. One thing we did notice though is that the drip tip has a wider bore at the top than the bottom, this can cause some juice to collect there. Not a huge issue though, just a good reminder to keep things clean!

It has great battery life and can last about two days of vaping at 100 watts before it needed charging. This kit can be seen as a little gimmicky and quite chunky, however, it is great for clouds and high VG juices. 

ajax kit best sub ohm innokin

The best Innokin mod for ex smokers would have to be the Kroma R Zlide kit. It has adjustable watts up to 80 and is great for both vaping styles, depending on the coil you have installed. There are modes to choose from if you are into that kind of tailoring, or you can just keep it simple.

It’s got adjustable airflow, a bright and clear display, and looks great. Not only that, but it feels nice to hold in the hand too. It is not a really bulky mod.

Kroma R zlide

Innokin coils

In our Innokin review we have to mention that the coils are confusing. That’s probably our biggest bugbear with this brand. So often we are having coils returned because someone has bought the wrong one.

The confusion comes with the fact that sometimes there might be a letter at the end which completely changes the kit it is meant to fit. Such a simple mistake and one we see too often.

Why couldn’t they make coils that fit interchangeably? We wrote a whole guide to Innokin coils to help explain some of this stuff. 

How long do Innokin coils last?

Innokin coils tend to last about one or two weeks. However, you can extend the life of your coils by taking proper care of them. 

This means making sure they are primed before you take a draw, cleaning them when they get gunky and always keeping the tank fully topped up. 

Make sure you are taking good care of your coils with our Vape Coil Tips blog

Innokin vs Aspire vapes

Innokin Vs Aspire

Innokin Vs Aspire is a pretty interesting comparison. While we were doing our research into it online and around the office, it quickly became clear that there isn’t a huge amount in it. That being said, Innokin does some things better than Aspire and vice versa.

Innokin vs Aspire tanks

Innokin really does a good job with their MTL tanks. When it comes to sub ohm, Aspire comes up top. This just backs up the thought that Innokin are an ideal brand for ex smokers looking to keep off the cigs. 

If you want a decent quality sub ohm vape check out the Aspire Nautilus. These are great tanks, particularly the early versions. 

Innokin vs Aspire pens 

Tricky again. Innokin Jem and the Aspire Pockex are two very similar vape pens. They are both very simple and traditional kits designed for high PG and nic salts. They each have internal batteries, however the Aspire Pockex is larger at 1500mAh. Maybe that larger battery sways you one way. 

The only thing in this would be that some of those in the office rate innokin coils for their flavour over Aspire.

Innokin Vs Aspire mods

Innokin do have a few sub ohm mods on the market. However, we don’t think they are quite as good as what Aspire has on offer. 

That being said, if you are after big vapor production, a high quality build and a durable kit, you might look at Geekvape or VooPoo as a go to.

Innokin Vs Aspire pods 

When it comes to Innokin Vs Aspire pods, Aspire comes up top. Their Breeze NXT is better than any discreet vape Innokin has on the market – in our opinion. You might choose a pod if you are looking to vape high PG, salts or CBD and are after something small to easily fit in your purse.

Innokin Vs Aspire – which one should you choose?

It’s tricky, as like we said, there isn’t a huge amount in it. They are both brands on the same playing field. However, if you are looking for huge vapor and a sub ohm kit then Aspire might be a better option. If you are after a well built device with a cigarette like draw then you should check out the Innokin pens or Zenith kits. 

Final thoughts on our Innokin review

Innokin has some really decent starter kits on the market, ones that we recommend to new vapers. 

They have devices that cross over and can use both high VG and high PG, which is cool if you are looking to switch up into DL vaping occasionally as you get more used to it. 

Innokin Review vape kits and tanks
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